• Know about very famous Hand block printing

    Always been common as a traditional piece of clothing designs, hand block printings are back in trends. Whether it is those colourful scarves or some designer’s t-shirts, female never hesitate to wear clothes with hand block printed designs. Hand block printings have flooded the market with numerous designs and all of them are commonly a preferred choice for many females. This is because such dresses go well for all types of occasions. Such dresses are a perfect combination of comfort and style and thus are a best way to express women beauty. Hand Block Printed is back in trends again.

    Hand block printing which is now a world fame design and are preferred equally by one and all is basically a traditional and common design used widely in Rajasthan. Specifying the beauty, culture and rich traditions of the desert land, hand block printing amazingly explains the trends and patterns of outfits the local people of Rajasthan commonly prefer. There have been long tradition of such designer apparels here and many big factories exists still today in major parts of Rajasthan which have carefully and nicely preserves these tradition of block printing. Rajasthan which is famous for handicrafts and unique traditional manufacturing is now recognized as a major part for such mind-blowing collection of designer’s clothes. 

    Such factories which were just under the part of small sector industries are now recognized as famous industries and they falls under a major part of manufacturing for clothing and apparels and this is because handicrafts of Rajasthan, specially the traditional hand block printing are recognized worldwide. Many famous brands have also included such clothing in their daily outfits which they offer for stylish ladies. Everyone now hand block  

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    What is hand block printing?
    Hand block printing is the traditional Rajasthani design patterns used widely for textile industries. This is quite an old technique of clothes printing where wood pieces are cut to form various attractive designs which with colour are printed on various types of fabric. A attractive pattern of colour combination is used for such printing so that colourful and designers clothes can be made. Such types of designs are commonly used for scarves, outfits, purses etc. 

    Acqua London Clothing +44 7779604505  Online Not only the clothes and apparels but also the handicrafts of Rajasthan are popular and are most widely used. Many a time’s handmade items of Rajasthan are used to accompany with traditional outfits for better look. 

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